Here is our project. A 19-something Travelmaster Trailer. Initially it hasn't cost us hardly anything but I'm sure it's going to. The hardware is all there but many connections seem to be gone. Where to start?

If anyone has any info on where to pick up an owners manual or pamphlet or knows of others and how they're put together, that would be great. We think the company actually dissolved in 1970 and Shasta picked up the Travelmaster name in the early 70's. Not totally sure but since we don't have a high speed connection, that was all we could sort of figure out.

Believe it or not we'd like to get it going by the end of July! Possible? If you can help, please email.


As you can see the woodwork is awesome, and even though the whole thing should maybe be gutted and restored, I don't know that we could ever get it back as tight as it is now. The fridge is clean and we need to get it hooked up as the temp dial and connections are missing. Any info?

The stove is clean inside, but is there asbestos wrapped around it? Will any modern appliance company be able to get our appliances working or do we need to get special gas/electric/battery conversion kits from companies who carry traveltrailer and rv supplies?



We haven't had the tiles (or what's left of them)tested but we're betting they're asbestos which freaks me out! Any info on removing what dust and tiles that are there and covering up the subfloor would be helpful. By the way the subfloor (tho stinky and littered with dead insects) doesn't need to be replaced.

Actually the whole thing is stinky. We were just going clean and go over all interiors with a clear polyurethane?


This is the bathroom, it's clean and nice, but where are the grey and black water tanks. By the way I think I know what I'm saying there but being a tent camper up until now (hopefully) this was never an issue.

Will this toilet ever flush again? The valve on the inside opens and closes with the foot lever so we're hopeful.


This is the biggest physical damage. The skylight had broken, (cover is gone) and having water come in was bad for the ceiling. There are basically 3 sections to the ceiling and this center section is the only bad one. It seems to be a vinyl material, over a thin wood piece, over a plastic covered insulation. Is that insulation asbestos? Any help on tearing out and either covering the whole ceiling or just replacing that center area would be helpful.



  Eeks, asbestos tile? This is the water heater. It's under the stove. Is it lead? Is it stainless? How do we get these tiles out and should we keep this water heater? Do most people just get new appliances or gadgets like water heaters? We don't need to drink the water but I'd like to think it's safe for us to brush our teeth.